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We've evolved into a market leader delivering a comprehensive array of plastic solutions, including Plastic Granules, LD Aglo, LDPE Granules, HDPE Granules, LLDPE Granules, PP Granules, and HDPE Granules, thanks to our aspiration to emerge as a pioneer in supplying ecology friendly plastic granules driven by persistent research, quality delivery, and devotion to a sustainable environment.

HDPE Granules Manufacturers & Suppliers Delhi, India

HDPE Granules Manufacturer in India  High-Density Polyethylene...

LDPE Granules Manufacturers & Suppliers Delhi, India

LDPE-Granules Manufacturer in India Your hunt for...

LLDPE Granules Manufacturers & Suppliers Delhi, India

LLDPE Granules Manufacturer in India  Linear Low-Density...

PP Granules Manufacturers & Suppliers Delhi, India

PP Granules Manufacturer in India Tirupati Polyplast...


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High Quality Plastic Granules Manufacturers - PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and More.

In its contemporary and state-of-the-art production site, the company uses natural resources to make plastic granule, which is then utilised in industries such as Roto Moulding (Water Tank), ACP Sheets, Auto Engineering, Component, Plastic Chair, Household items, and many other utility goods.

LLDPE Granules Manufacturers & Suppliers Delhi, India

LLDPE Granules Manufacturer in India  Linear Low-Density...

PP Granules Manufacturers & Suppliers Delhi, India

PP Granules Manufacturer in India Tirupati Polyplast...

Plastic Granules Manufacturers & Suppliers Delhi, India

Leading Plastic Granule Manufacturer in India Tirupati...

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“Priya Aggarwal”

I highly recommend this company located in Bawana for any type of plastic granules requirement. They can fulfill bulk orders very quickly.

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The best plastic granule supplier of India. Very quick services and affordable price.

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I recommend Tirupati Polyplast to everyone need PP granules. The recycled quality of their granules is just amazing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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01.What Can Reprocessed Plastic Granules Be Used For?

Our reprocessed plastic granules can be used in consumer packaging, car components, furniture, and consumer electronics. Our reprocessed plastic granules are high-quality, near virgin-quality recycled granules. The addition of performance polymers in the composition allows us to create granules that can meet the stringent thermal and mechanical properties required of high-performance automotive and consumer products.

02.What Quality Specifications Do We Follow?

In this respect, we adhere strictly to the customer’s choice.

03.How Reprocessed Plastic Granules Are Manufactured?

Plastic waste is collected from numerous sources and classified according to grade, color, and quality. Before being processed, the waste plastic materials are cleaned and washed with water. The plastic materials are cleaned and then chopped into little pieces in a cutting machine. The sliced pieces are melted in an extruder, resulting in granule lumps. These lumps are ground into granules of the desired size, and the granules are then packed for distribution.

04.What Is The Difference Between Plastic Granules And Plastic Pellets?

Composition and their Manufacturing Process: Plastic pellets are spherical particulates generated after a precise forming and mechanical handling procedure, whereas plastic granules are made by the progressive enlargement of the primary particles of the polymers until their fundamental individuality becomes no longer apparent.
Appearance: Plastic pellets have a better appearance than plastic granules.
Point of Application: Plastic granules are commonly used in the recycling of plastics, whereas plastic pellets are commonly used in extrusion. However, one thing you should know here is that the injection molding processing machine can handle both plastic granules and plastic pellets.

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